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Another Option: The Book Version of the Alternative Guide

Rather than a subscription to this web resource, perhaps you are interested in a hard copy of the Alternative Guide as a book? Before it was launched as a web resource in 2013, the Alternative Guide used to be a book. The current edition of the book contains all the information that the web resource does, but obviously lacks the videos and interactive tools. It also lacks the database of funding opportunities, but does have a static list of 500 bodies. You might want it for a reference library, or simply because you prefer having a physical book to read rather than browsing a website. Hard copies are £24.99 (free p&p!). If you would like one, please contact us!

Do note that for individual student subscribers, the web resource version  is very much the recommended option, unless you have a special reason for wanting a hard copy book. Also, remember that if you take out either subscription to the Alternative Guide Online, you will be able to download a PDF of this book for your own personal use to keep- thus giving you the best of both worlds!