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Preview our Products: The Alternative Guide Online and PDF Version

The main version of the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding is this web resource you are looking at right now! It is all about unlocking the funding power of charities for current and prospective postgraduate students! Charities are a major and underrated student funding resource, which few students or universities realise are an option. You can use charities to help fund fees, maintenance, conference costs, research expenses, and travel! Read more about charities here.

The Alternative Guide Online (AGO) - preview video below -  is a comprehensive resource which can help postgraduate students - Masters, PhDs, and PGCEs - unlock the funding power of charities to support their fees, maintenance, research expenses, travel, conferences, and extra study costs. The AGO contains a searchable database of nearly 1,000 charities picked by our team, with more being added all the time, as well as right guidance videos, and interactive tools such as a model statements assistant and personal grants manager. But most of all, the AGO is the leading resource in alternative postgraduate funding, providing access to a sorely needed additional genre of funding, giving students another option. Read more about the Guide here.

If you want to know more about how other students have successfully funded their postgraduate degrees using the Alternative Guide, please have a look at our new student stories section here.

The Alternative Guide is also available as a 158-page PDF book. You can download the PDF book from the AGO's Download Point for free with a subscription to the Guide. The book form of the Alternative Guide is for people who prefer the reading experience of a book, and who are not bothered about the lack of interactive features or a funding database. You can buy a subscription to the Alternative Guide Online here.






Preview of the Alternative Guide before you Buy

Take a look at the screenshots and especially the video below to preview the Guide, and get a good idea of what it offers. If you are staff at a university, we can provide you with a free full preview so you can evaluate the web resource - so you can decide on its suitability for your university. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we send you special evaluation login details - and a full evaluation pack, which includes our price list.