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As of 2020, we have begun to offer postgraduate funding webinars or web workshops to our university customers to make available to their students. Like our regular physical workshops and lectures, these web events are designed to introduce students to alternative funding and give them the knowledge and skills to identify, find, and apply strongly to these bodies to support their fees, maintenance, research travel or conference expenses.

Our web events have exploded in popularity recently on account of the physical assembly restrictions arising from the Covid-19 Coronavirus. It is also because, understandably, giving students alternative financial options has become a much greater priority in the present crisis.

Our typical web workshop is 90 minutes core content plus 30 minutes of flexi time. However, we can tailor our events to suit university’s needs and preferences. Our preferred platform is Zoom (for which we have a company licence) but can also work with Teams, Collaborate or any other platform our university clients prefer. Note that we can save recordings of the webinars, and you can then host them on VLEs or learning platforms. This means they can potentially reach a wider audience than those who log on to participate live. We can also offer staff webinars.

Prices, Questions, Discussions...

If you are a university staff member, please just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .uk or give us a ring on 0207 828 8107. We can give you a price quotation for whatever you would like.

Detailed Notes on Webinars and Web Workshops

We will discuss with university staff the preferred timing, and platform, for webinar events. Once agreed, we will also discuss promotion to students. Usually this will consist of advertising by email or e-learning/training platform, and then sending students who have signed up a webinar link so they can attend.

Web events, understandably, are not as participatory as physical workshops, but we do try to maximise this aspect of them for those that want it. However, student participation in the ‘active’ parts of the webinar is optional and they can simply dial in, turn their camera off, and listen if they prefer. Or they can be more active by posting questions to the facilitator, posting input to the discussion sessions, and indeed contributing directly to the optional flexi discussion at the end.

STRUCTURE OF WEBINAR (1 Hour 30 mins, with optional Flexi Q&A of 30 mins)


• Introductions of Facilitator and Participants, and the Alternative Guide

• Introductory Presentation on Alternative funding Sources
• Presentation on Finding Charities and Trusts
• Presentation on Initially Approaching Charities and Trusts


• Discussion [contribution optional]: What makes a strong application to a charity?
• Presentation on making strong applications to charities
• Closing Comments Golden Rules for strong charity applications

********Main Session Ends, Optional Flexi Session Begins*******

Questions, comments, discussions (up to 30 minutes)