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Prize Draw for Grant Winners

We have a question for you! Have you won one or more grants from a charity, trust or alternative funding sources to support your postgraduate degree? If yes, please enter our Prize Draw! We do one in the Summer of each academic year. Simply answer these survey questions about your award(s) and click the Submit button! The £500 prize is the one we select as the most impressive fundraising story. The three runner up prizes are drawn randomly from a hat. If you win new awards after you have submitted one, you can enter again!

Last Year's Prize Draw Results (Summer 2022 Draw)

First Prize (£500): Malachi Mbangwa-Tikolo, PhD Earth Science

Runner Up Prize (£100): Sara Javadian, MSc Child Development

Runner Up Prize (£100): Freya Lowden, PhD English Literature

Runner Up Prize (£100): Onyeka Amiebenomo, PhD Vision Science

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Enter this Year's Prize Draw!

To enter the 2023 award, you need to have won just one award from an alternative funding body- we will again have a top prize of £500 and three runner up prizes of £100. Please enter your details below. Note that you can still enter this year's competition if you entered in previous years. See eligibility notes below.


Eligibility Notes
To be eligible for this prize draw, you must have raised at least £250 from an alternative funding body for your postgraduate degree. Any award from a charity, trust, foundation, or learned society makes you eligible for entry. Awards from your department, a research council, studentship or a loan are not classed as alternative funding. A successful crowdfunding campaign does also count, just send us the URL. If you continue to win further awards during the course of your studies, then we encourage you to submit a new additional entry to our prize draw.


How we will use this data
The prize draw is also a survey that will help us learn from students to help improve our resource for everybody. Your personal data will be stored securely and will never be passed to a third party without your consent. However, your data may be aggregated with those of other students in a summary form and shared with your university- rest assured that your name will not be associated with bodies or amounts awarded. Please read our Privacy Policy if you would like further information about how we will manage this data.