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Promoting the Alternative Guide Online: Quick Guide for Subscribers


Once your university has subscribed to the Alternative Guide Online, all you need to do to promote it is to link to our Gateway URL: .It's really as simple as that! Link from your postgraduate funding pages, graduate school, careers, research office, and any other places you can think of! The more the better!

Having some text next to the link, and a picture, also helps hugely in capturing a student's attention, and giving them a short primer on what the Guide actually is! We've got some handy template text below. This text doesn't have to be followed verbatim, but we have found that it is effective! We've also got lots of images for you to use to attract students' attention if you wish.

You can read a more detailed booklet on how to set up the Guide here, but this page you are on right now contains everything you need!

What it could look like on your Webpage


Template Text

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online is all about alternative sources of funding - especially charities - which can make awards (fees, maintenance, research costs) to any student regardless of subject, or nationality.

The Alternative Guide Online contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance, and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning grant application. <Your University> has purchased a licence to the Guide, and so it’s free for all students and staff to use! Login Now!

If you are a prospective student who has applied to the university, please email to get an access PIN (this is optional, please see How to Set it Up pg. 2)



Here are some images of Jacob the Crow which can be used to promote the Guide. They are in PNG format. Note: if you prefer JPG Click here.

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